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All union Plans Excepted

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We will happily extend a discount and assist with claim submission for you to receive out of network reimbursement.

Use Your FSA and HSA card

Use it, don’t lose it!!!

HMY Vision gladly accepts FSA and HSA cards with a Visa or Mastercard logo. We will even provide you with an itemized receipt. 

Use your Visa or Mastercard logo FSA or HSA card at any of our locations  

Not sure how many flex dollars you have to spend?  No problem!  Simply call the  1-800 number on back of your card.

FSA and HSA cards cover any prescription eyewear purchase including prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. 

If you have some extra money set aside, use your flexible spending to get the prescription glasses you love! 

Remember, if you don’t use your flex dollars you lose them!  

CareCredit for Better Vision

A change of frames can change more than your look. It can change your mood whether that’s fun in the sun, a date night out, or on the job. When it comes to eyewear, one pair may not fit all the facets of your life.  If you’re ready to build an eyewear wardrobe that reflects your style, you may be interested in the CareCredit® healthcare credit card. 

With CareCredit, you and your family can get the frames, lenses, contacts and sunglasses today and pay monthly with special financing.  

We work with our partner CareCredit to provide no-interest financing options for either six-month or twelve-month plans.**

For vision care, CareCredit offers:

  • Low minimum monthly payments
  • No up-front costs or pre-payment penalties

**$300 minimum purchase required for twelve-month plan.